The story so far…

Burn City Smokers (Vic) | 8 Bit Burger (Vic) | Sneaky Pickle (ABBF debut) | Simon Bryant x Mal Meiers’ (NSW) “Food For Thought” | Buk Buk (world premiere) | Bread & Bone | Comida’s Beer Can Chicken | Boston Bay Smallgoods x The Smokin’ Grillers | Toly Vietnamese | The Filipino Project | Syrian Mobile Disco | Four Seeds

Plus many more to be announced including our first ever Food Truck Alley



Arcade-inspired 8bit is all about the good times with their wickedly delicious take on classic burgers and sides – press play on a damn juicy burger!

Boston Bay Smallgoods x The Smokin' Grillers

Mark from the Smokin’ Grillers and Jason from Boston Bay Smallgoods Co bring to you, the best heritage pork grilled in the best style.

Bread & Bone

At Bread & Bone, the unmistakable flavour of a wood grill seasons our burgers & steaks – we also dish up great hot dogs and fried chicken, all with local brews.  

Buk Buk Southern hot Chicken

From the deep South…of Australia a new breed of fried chicken has hatched! We aim to bring all the tender, crunchy deliciousness of Southern Hot Chicken to the Adelaide food set. Incorporating over 20 years experience in some of Adelaide’s top kitchens with a passion for authentic Southern Style Fried Chicken, we are proud to bring you Buk Buk!

Burn City Smokers


Nothing beats meat cooked over wood! It is something that seems to connect us to who we are and where we have come from. For us, BBQ evokes memories of our childhood, of our families, of lazy afternoons cooking meat over wood. It only seemed right, when after years of working together in hospitality, we would start this business that reflects these memories. In the southern states of America, BBQ has a fanatical following. We have a healthy respect for this history and tradition and we draw heavily from its cooking methods. YET, our food is a clear representation of Melbourne, its produce, its people, its food culture, hence our name ‘Burn City Smokers’. This food comes from a passion for ingredients, a respect for quality and the providence of the meat, the people who farmed it and their ethical practices.

Comida Co

Comida Catering Co is run by husband and wife team Brad & Fiona Sappenberghs. Brad’s passion for Spanish food has grown over the years and their café in the Adelaide Central Market, Comida is one of the most popular eateries in the city. It’s quirky, a little bit different and very, very cool – that’s why BBF is pretty excited about welcoming Comida back yet again in 2019! We hear they might even be doing a collab dish with a local brewery…

Simon Bryant x Mal Meiers’


“Food For Thought”

Simon Bryant is the Director of Tasting Australia, author with Penguin Lantern, former co-host of ABC TV’s The Cook and the Chef, wholesaler of food grown with care by dirt(y) inc, and cooker of weddings, parties, anything. Simon strongly believes in using his profile to highlight ethical food matters, and promote discussions, awareness and support for mental health issues in our industry, and throughout communities everywhere.

Simon Bryant x Mal Meiers’


“Food For Thought”

Mal Meiers has been in the hospitality for over 10 years and is well aware of the long, hard and irregular hours that have become a norm in the industry. Food For Thought is a regular charity dinner that raises funds for Beyond Blue and R U OK. Mal founded Food For Thought in 2014, during this time he was experiencing his darkest bout of depression. Mal believes that ending the stigma around mental health in the hopsitality and any industry is key, starting the conversation really can save lives.

Sneaky Pickle

(ABBF debut)

The most authentic, real wood, Texas-Style BBQ you’ll find around these parts. After canvassing the USA, Sneaky Pickle was born back in 2012, being the first to bring true American BBQ to Adelaide. Now bigger and better than ever in their new digs – true to style in a revamped old mechanics shop. Just wait ‘til you see the drool-worthy dishes they have planned for BBF 2019!

Syrian Mobile Disco

Syrian Mobile Disco is a mobile food and party machine. Fire under the grill and fire on the dance floor. Yet to launch, this is one to keep your eyes peeled on.

The Filipino Project

Here for the first time, The Filipino Project will be heating up Adelaide’s taste buds with BBQ flavours of the Philippines. Expect sweet, salty, sticky and fingerlickin’ good ribs as well as traditional Filipino delights!  We’re all about the open style bbq and tasting with all your senses.  

The Ghetto Smoke Show

The Ghetto Smoke Show is back to BBF for the third year running, to cook true southern style BBQ. The Ghetto Smoke Show is keeping with traditional BBQ of the Southeast US by offering Memphis Style pork ribs, classic smoked pork burgers, and more! Drew Akin, Head Chef of Coffylosophy, was raised in the hickory smoke of Birmingham Alabama and prides himself on staying true to real smoked southern style BBQ. Kaneo Boase, Head Chef of The Malt Shovel Taphouse, and Pit Boss of ‘Frank’ his custom triple lid Yoder Smoker.

Toly Vietnamese

You can count on Toly Vietnamese for authentic fresh Vietnamese food. You can look forward to our mouthwatering Chicken Skewers and Char Grilled Chilli Quail, and more delicious Vietnamese style BBQ! Our portions are generous and our smiles are even bigger!

Four Seeds

Four Seeds’ roving kitchen cupboard serves up Adelaide’s favourite chocolate brownies! Mim and Jesse bake their signature brownies from scratch in their Adelaide Hills home kitchen, using their top secret recipe and quality ingredients to ensure you love your piece of chocolate brownie goodness! For their Beer & BBQ Festival debut, they’ll be bringing a little bit of their Adelaide Hills campfire warmth with some special menu additions!