Akasha Brewing Company

At Akasha we live and breathe beer and are passionate about making it. It’s no secret we love our hops, and you’ll find a shed load of them in almost every beer we brew. We are also fiercely independent at Akasha which means we don’t skimp on quality ingredients, sourced from around the world – ensuring the tastiest, most exciting beers we can make.

Our core range beers below are available all-year round, but you’ll find plenty of seasonal’s on tap in the tasting room and selected venues. From big Triple IPA’s to silky smooth American Stouts our seasonal range really showcase how awesome beer can be!

Akasha Brewing Company was founded by Dave Padden and Wesley White in early 2015.

Known for his attention to detail, consistency and innovation, our head brewer, Dave has forged a reputation for brewing award-winning, hop-centric ales. And whilst Wes has been a fan of Dave’s beer for years, he brings bag loads of enthusiasm and management experience to the table.

Needless to say, the Akasha team is made up of like-minded, passionate beer enthusiasts. Our culture is pretty simple: brew the beer that we love to drink and, most importantly, have some fun while we’re doing it. Basically, for all of us here at Akasha, beer is our way of life.