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Brick Lane Brewing

We Love Beer.

The Brick Lane Brewing Co community began when 25 friends united over a plan to do things differently. Armed with a unifying purpose, a vision and a set of values designed to benefit our patrons, we got to work.

Our commitment is to continually push brewing boundaries to deliver beer that will often surprise and always delight. Our behaviour is underpinned by an obligation to do good in our community and with sustainability at the forefront of our actions.

To build better beer we first needed to build the brewery; one to rival any in the world. A brewery so state-of-the-art it could do justice to centuries-old brewing techniques, yet produce a beer for today’s standards.

Then of course we needed to find a Brewmaster worthy of the task we set. Jon Seltin knows what’s up which is why we’ll never let you down.

Armed with the right tools, the right knowledge and the right people, we were able to produce a range of beers, each perfected for their profile, each surprisingly familiar.

We’re in this for the long haul, which means that we’re not satisfied being the next new thing, we’re building a beer community that’s here to last, continually brewing beers that make people happy and bring people together.