Jachmann Apple Cider

Jachmann Apple Cider is produced from the Jachmann Orchard in Loxton, run by the Jachmann’s since 1983. The Apple Orchard through the picking season is a destination for Riverland Locals keen to collect their freshly picked apples. The smaller apples are crushed and made into the nationally recognised Gold Medal Apple Ciders. The Orchard produces three varieties of Apple Cider; Pink Lady (slightly sweet), Royal Gala (Full Bodied) and Lady William (Crisp & mouthfilling) all tasting just like the apples just picked from the tree. Fresh, dry and super clean – this is more of a wine drinker’s cider than the numerous sweet-dominated apple ciders. Hand grown, pruned and picked by the Jachmann’s, keeping it all in the family when it comes to cider. The Jachmann family love their SA apples, and we have turned this passion for this delightful fruit into first-class cider – all natural and delicious. Committed to quality the Jachmann Apple Company produce small batches of exceptional cider, with a staunch loyalty to the purity of the apple.