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Sierra Nevada

Why We Brew
Inspired by the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, our beers are designed to be as bold, wild and unwavering as those storied granite peaks. With respect to tradition and an unbridled passion for innovation, Sierra Nevada beers are inspired by the philosophy that anything is possible. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of craft beer and we look forward to the day that flavorful beers are the standard throughout the world.

Purest Ingredients
Put good in and good will come out. We believe that the best results are born from the best possible ingredients. We insist on the highest quality and freshest ingredients for every beer we brew, with an eye toward the environment, responsible farming and our agricultural future.

Traditional Techniques
As one of the craft brewing pioneers, we stay true to the long and proud history of brewing, but tirelessly push the boundaries of conventional wisdom. We’re tinkerers and experimenters, constantly looking for a new spin on traditional techniques. We maintain time-honored, labor-intensive techniques including the use of only whole-cone hops, open fermentation and bottle conditioning, while operating a state-of-the-art, modern brewery. We march toward the future, but our soul stays true to brewing heritage, tradition and the art of making beer.

Hop Torpedo
A new method we created to add hop aroma to beer, the “Hop Torpedo” is a stainless steel device packed with whole-cone hops. Fermenting beer is circulated out of a fermenter, through the column of whole-cone hops, and back into the fermentation tank. This new method has revolutionized how we dry hop our beers, adding intense hop flavor and aroma with no additional bitterness.

Beer Camp®
Our Beer Camp® brewhouse is where our best ideas are born. Here, we develop recipes, try new techniques and turn fun concepts into crazy new beers. At Beer Camp®, nothing is too far out. Nothing is out of bounds. We work with thousands of ingredients from the hop yard and the orchard to the kitchen cupboard to make these beers truly unique.

Every day, a panel of trained Sierra Nevada sensory experts taste every lot of beer scheduled to go into the market. They evaluate the flavors to ensure that every bottle meets our rigorous standards of quality at every step of the process from ingredient harvest all the way through bottling.

Commitment to Environment
In the early days, there was no such thing as small-scale brewing equipment. Everything we used was built or repurposed for the brewery. Back then, “reduce, reuse, recycle” wasn’t a catchphrase, but a business model. This hardscrabble ethos and our roots in Northern California built a deeply felt belief toward stewardship and helped solidify our commitment to the environment.

“It takes a village to raise a brewery.” At Sierra Nevada, we consider the community surrounding our breweries in both California and North Carolina to be extensions of our family. We could never hope to have the success we have today without the generous support of the communities around us. Sierra Nevada is proud to support various agencies and organizations with the goal of bettering our society from sustainable agriculture, clean water and wild-land protection to bicycle-related activities and events and a myriad of other outlets.