Temple Brewing Co.

Temple Brewing Co. was established to celebrate the origins of beer. The first beer was made in a Temple with records dating as far back as 9500 BC. As one of the oldest prepared beverages in the world, beer was instrumental in the formation of civilisations. Temple Brewing Co. aims to showcase this amazing liquid.Head brewer, Glenn, developed a life long love affair with craft beer, having spent 6 years as brewer for Hargraves Hill, making some of what we now consider as the classic Victorian craft beers, Glenn has been with Temple since 2014 and in that time, has crafted the Anytime Pale Ale that won the trophy for Best International Pale Ale at the Australian International Beer Awards. Based in Brunswick East, Temple Brewing Co. combines some of the best craft beer in Melbourne with a visible operational brewery, an exceptional kitchen, and its all seasons beer garden.