The Grifter Brewing Co

When Trent Evans, Matt King and Glenn Wignall launched The Grifter Brewing Co. in 2012, they didn’t even have their own fermentation tanks. Their first batches were made at Young Henrys, just down the road.

In 2015 they secured their own home. Working with Gareth Robertson from Blackwood Collective, they built a bar that, despite its industrial warehouse shell, is comfortably reminiscent of Sydney’s old-school pubs. The bar’s blind side is particularly classic, with its own square of pub-style carpet topped with a matching magenta pool table.

The bar serves the brewery’s entire range on tap and/or in takeaway 946-millilitre squealers. The Grifter Brewing Co.’s staples – the Bright Eye Pilsner and the Pale Ale – run next to six other taps pouring the company’s various one-off batches and experiments. Past pours include Demon Lungs, a porter made with smoked hops courtesy of LP’s Quality Meats, and the GB Bitter, a hoppy concoction made via a collaboration with Parrot Dog Brewery for Sydney Craft Beer Week. The team’s watermelon pilsner was its first brew to sell-out.

The food menu is restricted to simple bar snacks (including Sydney’s Darling Jerky) and sauerkraut.